Monday, October 10, 2005

New To Blogging

I have found Blogs! I find this concept quite fascinating, and thought,I too would start something in which I can share the knowledge.

I am a Revit Implementation Specialist in South Africa. I started on Revit even prior to Autodesk’s buy out. Revit 4.0.
I specialize in Large projects and the efficiency in running them using Revit. Through my experience I have become somewhat the Family Specialist, for here-in lies the secret to successful projects in Revit.

After helping various users on AUGI to sort there families out, someone posted "Why dont you write a book".
Thru' this Blog I will attempt to share our findings in family creation inside Revit. Starting where we started, with the simple stuff thru' to the advanced families we are busy creating today.

After purchasing Revit from a reseller you probably attended a course of some sorts, and then you are left to your own device to try take on the daunting task of a complete project using only Revit to complete your CD's.

Well I hope to shead some light on this very powerfull tool that lies within Revit. The Family Editor.

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beau turner said...

Hey Guys,

Welcome to the blogging world and keep up the great work!

happy reviting...