Friday, August 10, 2007

Forget me not!

Through the last post of how much was out there, I was reminded by some, of how much more is out there.

- Gregory Arkin -

WOW! How did I miss this one. Awesome Revit Blog

BIM & BEAM - For the Revit Structural bloggers.

Already a stack of stuff covered.


If I have missed your blog, it wasn't meant intentionally. If you think you have a solid Revit blog let me know.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Information overload!

I surely don't post here as often as I would like. It's not for the lack of trying or the lack of information. It is trying to do something different and unique that is the issue.

If you follow all the Revit related blogs, as I do, you get to see just how much info is out there. To post stuff that hasn't already been covered is rather difficult. Sometimes it has happened that while I am busy with an article, a feed will come thru' covering the topic I am busy writing on.

Hats off too all those that are willing to share all their knowledge free of charge just for the love of the game.

Here is a list of blogs to keep an eye on (ones I read regularly and more so, are updated on a regular basis)
Combined, these blogs offer everything you need to know on Revit, a mountain of tips, tricks, info, ideas and opinions. The spirited enthusiasm for BIM is expressed undeniably on all.

Be sure to add them to your daily RSS feeds or Blogging routines.

Revit Zone
- Ian Nichols -

This site is amped up man. Ian has managed in a very short time to make this, possibly the best Revit hot spot for now. Ian has managed to make the rest of us look like a bunch of amateurs. Well done! Do you ever sleep dude?

Revit OpEd - Steve Stafford-

Steve is like the reliable, faithful, workhorse man. He must hold the record for longest running, most posts, most hits, most information, most links. Steve's site is like the Wikipedia for Revit. His site is updated on the most regular basis. He set the benchmark, and it's tough keeping up to even a third of what he does.

Great Blog...thx.

Steve is also a moderator on AUGI. When do you sleep dude?

Be sure to check out his other stuff as well
Revit Jobs - Revit job market place.
Revit Inside - Links to other firms using Revit.

Revit Begginners - David Duarte -

David regularly posts very informative tips n' tricks and other Revit information and industry links. I enjoy reading his short, to the point, posts. Expect no waffling here.

Don't Think: Do Revit - Robert -

Robert keeps a great amount of frequent "How To....." documents on Revit. His tips carefully outline the "best methods" of documenting in Revit experienced by him and within the firm.

Mallerestic Revitation - Aaron Maller -

Quoted by Aaron: "I'm not sure exactly what the intent of this one will be, other than to start an informal documentation of my experiences as i traverse Revit usage."

I am also not sure of his objective, however I do enjoy following his journey. I like the new work completed, with comparisons to Revit's Model. Awesome!

Revit Implementation - Mike Hardy Brown -

My Fellow ZAR buddy. Mike has just recently updated the look 'n feel of his blog. Some great tips and tricks are nestled within the archives. If only Mike were more consistent. There is plenty of knowledge still to share.

Revit in plan English
- Jay Polding -

The title says it all. Short easy explanations.


There are is much more to choose from! If you need to know more, be sure to check out the following:

Revit OpEd: Probably got the largest list of industry related links -

Cadplans Resource list
: Also massive!

Revit City Resource's

If you can't find what you are looking for send me a request. shaunvr at gmail dot com.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

" Hi Ho's off to work I go"

My independent status is no longer. I have been snapped up by Worldsview Technologies – Authorized Autodesk Distributor. I have been fortunate enough that my knowledge and dedication to Revit and Revit itself, has provided me with the opportunity to keep the boat afloat since I decided to go independent.

The Main objective was to return to the roots of architecture and specifically the drawing office.
The past 3 –4 years have been priceless. I have been able to work closely with architects who accepted the idea to change. This allowed me to see what it truly takes to get the production line going inside the large drawing office using Revit.

It’s one thing training, advising, strategizing and implementing the software, its another to put it all into full production along with real projects, real deadlines, a team of 20 different individuals all from one office, with real Revit and life problems, issues emotions, mood swings and expectations. Now throw in the entire professional team of Engineers, QS, Contractors and last but not least the all-decisive Client with the ever-consistent brilliant ideas and real changes, and you have a recipe for ……. In my case success. Success with Revit

I only wish we had a “Mirror project” button. If I had a dollar for every time at a design meeting I heard “Ja….. maybe just mirror that for us”

I am putting together a document of my findings, but just quickly off the top of my head…..I have always said that Revit is quicker, better, faster and then…. we can all go play golf…….well. I wish I could take before and after pictures.

All the firms looked the same when I walked in, overworked, stressed, missing deadlines putting out fires, and you know all the issues…..then we started playing more golf.

This leads me to my new research material. I ask you, who knows what the actual impact of BIM and using BIM successfully is going to be on firms and on the construction industry. It is going to change the way we work. I just don’t know how yet. For the past 4 years I have been so engrossed with the methods of the implementation processes, I haven’t once, till now, thought of the outcome.

I know for some that if it means that you can get to play more golf, then what the hell. For me it’s a new quest. So it’s off to work I go...... only now in a real office.