Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Accomplishments continued....

Over the next year I continued to implement Revit at A3 Architects-Inc, who happened to be my first pilot site in South Africa. Combined, we have rolled out at least 8 projects, done only using Revit.
Three of which are large Hospitals, the largest, a 27 000sqm 200mb complete database file.
The smallest hospital of the three, benefited largely, on all the families we had already set up, and standardized. Thereby, making it the quickest set of “Construction Documentation” rolled out in this office. All three are currently under way with construction.

We took time in establishing an office standard that the three of us (the Office Family Creators) would stick to. Constantly having “Family Planning” meetings (I sound like a psychologist), which would determine the best methods needed, to make the next set of families benefit us the most, in terms of the look and the data attached.

However, not always did we take the best or most efficient path, and would have to “Reverse Engineer”. But the outcome of all our research is what should benefit you, in creating a successful and complete Family and Library

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