Friday, October 21, 2005

Know your "Properties".

Together with the “Options Bar”, the “Properties” dialogue box, is by far the most complicated parts of the UI.

There are two parts to the dialogue box. Namely :
1. Instance parameters: Parameters that effect only the selected object and no other.(found in the first part of the diag.)
2. Type Parameters: Parameters which change every object in the project. (second Part of the Diag.)
With every element you select the properties and parameters are different. There are many standard Parameters that Revit automatically assigns, especially in System Families*. Since Revit 7.0 the “Properties Dialogue” took on a much needed overhaul. Parameters are now categorized, and easdier to find. Still, when it comes to custom families anyone can put anything anywhere. So, Get to know what to look for!

Due to the fact Revit is a Parametric Modeler, you more often than not change the parameter to change the object/model. There's no "Stretch" command. However since release 8.0. Instance length parameters now have "handles" grips, that one can use to pull or push to change a size.
Get to know your parameters.

*System Families= Walls , Floors, Roofs, Ramps, Stairs, Railings, Ceilings.

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