Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Before we get started on the “Best Practices for the Family Editor” you will probably wonder, as to what makes us qualified to give instruction.

Together with an Autodesk Reseller, I started researching Revit from Revit 4.0.
Autodesk then added Revit to their “stable”.
Approximately 8 months later, we then selected a few reputable architectural firms, to run pilot sites of Revit 5.0. Only three took the bait, out of the selected ten. I then took on the task of training the select few. Afterwards, helping them in implementing Revit in their offices, with the sole intention, of not letting them touch, any cad software other than Revit for the next three months.

Over the next two years Revit took off, exceeding all expectations. I trained an excess of 120 individuals, as well as, sat through their pain in trying to implement.In that time we also took on the task of building all the local standards, as well as local manufacturer’s components, as families. Together we built a library of over 1.2GB. This gets sold as part of a Revit package, by the reseller.


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