Friday, January 26, 2007

What a perfect View?

It's far to often that I come across Revit users not using the view capabilites and duplicate views with various options correctly. It is so easy to create many instances of the same view and have different visibility settings for each.
A simple example of this is......
In any given project (it's actually set up in my templates) I will have at least 10 various 3D views and slices. With the size projects we do, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to spin an entire model around to see something on the other side.
So there starts my 1st 4 views.
1. Orient to North west-South east and so on.
2. Then we set up views by disciplines (found in the View Properties). Architectural; Structural and so on. So when we need to work on structural or mechanical elements, no need to switch stuff on or off, simple go to the dedicated view discipline.

3. Then we will create slices through all critical areas, which reflect directly on the sections we are working up.

All these duplicate 3D views apply to our plans and sections as well. So for plans we would have a, Ground floor Overall Documentation, then GF Architectural Model, GF structural, GF Mechanical and so on....

So get to see the perfect views and start using them to benefit your design, co-ordination and speed with which you move around the project.

Oh, by the way, this building is of Porshe's new showroom in SA Johannesburg. It will be the largest (10 000sqm) privately owned Dealership, Showroom, Workshop, Bodyshop, Racing Tuning shop and Training Centre worldwide!

Built first in Revit!

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