Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Anchors Aweigh

In my first year working at an architectural practice all I did on the conveyor belt of construction documentation was toilet layouts, ceilings and basement parking. "Young man" (as the old man used to refer to me as) otherwise it was the run of the mill Jnr, Mik, Skivie, or just plain "The Ceiling guy". At least I wasn't just a number?????

Why oh why, did I not have a simple tool like that of Dimensions + EQ back in the day. String a row of toilet cubicles and hit equal.... BANG!!! Done. But no,...... offset 900mm, then offset 90mm, then copy, then endpoint and endpoint................. then changes and start all over.

I wonder how few of you know that, in the equal string of dimensions, exists a small but marvelous little tool namely the "Anchor". By toggeling the anchors position (a simple click 'n drag of the mouse) one can achieve various results of the EQ dims. The Anchor symbol designates which element will remain anchored while the rest are altered.

Thanks... glad I could help!

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