Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Get your act together?

After what seems like decades (I have actually posted something here) of waiting for Cadplan to get there act together, Marek Brandstater and his team have finaly launched Digital Building Solutions.
Their product line is geared to provide the BIM users with much anticipated software solutions.

Two products (out of the five) have been launched so far.

The first - Shortcut Highway

"Shortcut Highway is a powerful productivity tool that allows you to edit and manage AutoDesk Revit's Keyboard Shortcuts. Without Shortcut Highway the only way to edit shortcuts is with a standard text editor such as Notepad."

The Second - Content Highway

"Content Highway is an ambitious and exciting project to manage and share Revit families and Autocad drawings - from your desktop, to the web and back again."

Content highway is packed with so many cool features,
Load and manage multiple libraries on your PC and across the network.
Thumbnails and a resizing tool
Sort families by any number of fields, including Supplier, Uniformat, Masterformat, Path, Filename, Cost, etc.
Live search features.
The coolest one for me is the ability to scan existing or old projects for families through "Project Manager" and export the families to your libraries.

Be sure to check out and download.

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