Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Populating Google Earth with BIM

How cool is this. I can now take my Revit model and "plonk" it on to the site in Google Earth.

I originally came across this on David Lights Blog - a Plug-in for Revit to Google Earth. Downloaded….installed….. and my clients are going nuts!!!! Man, this works!!!!!!

For those of you in SA if you have been on my Advanced concepts training with Cadplan, the whole exercise on specify coordinates truly comes into it,s own now. Those that haven’t been yet best you book at Cadplan.

I reckon if I stated to a client about three years ago that we will soon be interacting with the world map and CAD software….. they would have thought I was the one that was nuts

Thanks to the likes of Google, Avatech, and Autodesk Revit, the trends in BIM technology go way beyond….

Check out: Avatech for the plugin download.
Google for the Earth download

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