Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The "Hey.You" conference

I arrived at the halls that were hardly busy yesterday to find 10,000 new delegates. We had breakfast, all 10k of us in the basement parking in the hotel. This gave me the opportunity to showcase what MEP really does, to my manufacturing colleagues, as we sat bellow all the hotels exposed services. I suppose where else do you shove 10k hungry people.

This is so large, it's huge, and it’s massive. Over the top. The irony of it is, is I am among 10,000 people and yet completely alone. The sole representitive of ZAR for AEC.

I still went out of my way to make contact with this one dude I knew from the early days he didn’t’ recognize me, and he couldn't wait to get out of there. Prick, he is so important now that he got a job working for the team and all.

We call it "Revit Head" back home. And it’s a full tank here. “Excuse me sir you need some help to get through the door”. “Would you like me to scratch your head from over here?

There comes a point in ones Revit existence. See the Six Phases of Revit by Chris Zoog, well this is the Seventh, It’s when the Zen Master thinks he is the only one, there is no other like him. You Guru. Oh, do bow down, and ........kick his ass and kick it hard, all the way back to modestyville.

Last night we had that Revit function, which is supposed to be a networking thing, well my ass! Every reseller sent their whole team, so they all party together and couldn't see past their bubbles. So I walked around alone for 20min then went to bed…. Alone, Oh and the pizza snacks were crap.

We had the opening ceremony of Hey You! Done properly, the American way. I have seen so many of these I wasn’t sure which one I was at. Microsoft, Xbox, Apple, they all the same it’s just the logo. Big stage lots of lights and visuals and bla, bla, bla. The team put on a show, just short of being a complete motivational seminar. I felt as if we were seeing a demo and were being sold to and wanted to jump up and down to shout "Amen". I think it was Jimmy Swaggart that perfected this round table (stage), fist pumping style of …….WTF?

The future didn’t look that bright, it kept staggering, as the hardware was inadequate for the terrible live (joystick and all) fly around of Washington DC. I have seen better stuff back home and when I play Gears of War. Manufacturing stuff looked really cool. Is that Alias? oh!

I went to the first session.....and straight into the slide show shit. Well it was so freek'n boring people were actually walking out. We have only just begun, I am so sick of slide shows with some knob spitting out his rehearsed little one sided viewpoint. At least I wasn't alone when it came to walking out, even "Zen master" was on that list. An hour later went to lunch..... alone with 10,000 others.

“Hey.you” unplugged starts tomorrow. A new concept in conferences called the un-conference. This should be good. An opportunity to network(schmoose) properly, with the ability of at least having a say.

Are you lonesome tonight?

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dbaldacchino said...

Dude, too bad we didn't hook up during the Mixer. I share your disappointment over the keynote presentation. It was very uninspirational when it comes to the AEC industry. Yeah, joysticks and gaming and all that is exciting, but I'm not all abouot appearances; where's the real guts of what's to come for our industry? What did you show me that was not old news? Presentation is only a small part of the equation. Where's the "Git'r'done" portion that most of us are responsible for as professionals (as they say in Texas)? What are the new tools we'll be using? Wow, Autodesk is emphasizing interoperability between their products...breaking news! Who's that genius that came up with that? Haven't we all been whining about this for years?! And what about interoperability between other competing products? Ah, that maybe will be the news in ten years or so.

Anyway, it was a pure pleasure meeting you. When you decide to move, we need to work together ;)