Wednesday, August 01, 2007

" Hi Ho's off to work I go"

My independent status is no longer. I have been snapped up by Worldsview Technologies – Authorized Autodesk Distributor. I have been fortunate enough that my knowledge and dedication to Revit and Revit itself, has provided me with the opportunity to keep the boat afloat since I decided to go independent.

The Main objective was to return to the roots of architecture and specifically the drawing office.
The past 3 –4 years have been priceless. I have been able to work closely with architects who accepted the idea to change. This allowed me to see what it truly takes to get the production line going inside the large drawing office using Revit.

It’s one thing training, advising, strategizing and implementing the software, its another to put it all into full production along with real projects, real deadlines, a team of 20 different individuals all from one office, with real Revit and life problems, issues emotions, mood swings and expectations. Now throw in the entire professional team of Engineers, QS, Contractors and last but not least the all-decisive Client with the ever-consistent brilliant ideas and real changes, and you have a recipe for ……. In my case success. Success with Revit

I only wish we had a “Mirror project” button. If I had a dollar for every time at a design meeting I heard “Ja….. maybe just mirror that for us”

I am putting together a document of my findings, but just quickly off the top of my head…..I have always said that Revit is quicker, better, faster and then…. we can all go play golf…….well. I wish I could take before and after pictures.

All the firms looked the same when I walked in, overworked, stressed, missing deadlines putting out fires, and you know all the issues…..then we started playing more golf.

This leads me to my new research material. I ask you, who knows what the actual impact of BIM and using BIM successfully is going to be on firms and on the construction industry. It is going to change the way we work. I just don’t know how yet. For the past 4 years I have been so engrossed with the methods of the implementation processes, I haven’t once, till now, thought of the outcome.

I know for some that if it means that you can get to play more golf, then what the hell. For me it’s a new quest. So it’s off to work I go...... only now in a real office.

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Anonymous said...

All the best Shaun. I'm sure you'll show them a thing or 2....

Just don't get too many people onto Revit:)