Friday, March 10, 2006

Go Big...or go home!

Revit Family Man is going BIG!!

Besides a number of other pressing opportunities, I am beginning to find that the hosting of this Blog at blogspot is rather limiting and frustrating. The upload times are just massive.

I have so much that I could share (family downloads, images, tutorials, help etc) and no where to put it all. So we went BIG and registered the domain name and signed up for some seriously PHAT server space.

Please note: For now this will not affect this Blogs URL until the site is complete and we do the move across.
Thanks to all those that do read this Blog for all the support. In such a short period we have had over 5000 hits, with an average of over 55 per day.

The infant site is alive and waiting to grow. I Had to do a crash course in web and FTP publishing so don’t knock the programmer if things don’t work properly yet.
Although still in its infancy, you are more than welcome to go check it out. Over the next few weeks we will be completing all the services, so be sure to keep a lookout.

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