Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quantify Profiled Roof Sheeting

This comes up a bunch of times.
"How do I show roof sheeting properly with the profile and how can I schedule all the panels?"
"We do lots of warehouses and want to be able to schedule costs for roof as well as all the vertical paneling"

1. Draw up the profile using the profile Family template. Save it (*-Remember the file name)

2. Start a new family using the Structural Framing - Beams and Braces.rft. Load the Profile into this. Delete the rectangular solid supplied in this template. Now draw a new solid using the sweep tool. Attach the profile you loaded (*Remember -as saved) and finish the sketch.

3. Save this family and load it into the project. Now using the beam system tool ( in the Structural Drawer) draw the outline of your roof. Remember to set up your work plane in section to be able to put this beam system down on in plan if your roof is at an angle. This also applies to vertical sheeting, set up work planes and draw the beam system from an elevation on that workplane.

In the pattern group of parameters, set up the distance between and the beam type. (this is the beam you just loaded with the profile you just drew.) Finish the sketch.

Now do a structural framing schedule with filters to isolate just that type.

And Bob's your uncle.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see you back!!!

I'm afraid I don'y quite understand what the advantage of your methode vs. the slab tool with the out of the box metal deck.

Is it just so that it will appear in 3d views? Thanks


Shaun van Rooyen said...

Hey JB,

Yeah, The client wants to see the profile in 3D and also wants to be able to do this for vertical sheeting (on the sides of the warehouse). Can't use the Slab or roof tool for that. Also the Sheeting comes in set sizes and we would like to know how many sheets to order. The roof or slab tool won't calculate that for us. I can get an area, which will give me an average calculation but would be more accurate if I had the width and length.

Thanks for the comment

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Unknown said...

great post! I will try this one out! Will this include too the overlapping of the edges of the roofing?

Shaun van Rooyen said...


It could include the overlap of edges, by the very nature of the distance parameter in the beam system tool.

Lallan Ji said...

Is single line unclosed loop will work as profile & which path is require for the sweep ?